Treat your customers like customers -- not email addresses! Recruit and maintain your own Online Panel for feedback. SurveyAnalytics Panel Management tool provides services for creating a customized portal for your panel. After recruiting your panel, you can create targeted segments of your panel to send surveys and other email based marketing material.

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Panel Management Software

You can now collect your own respondent panel with SurveyAnalytics MicroPanel tool. Building and Managing Your Self-Service Panel without hiring a thirdparty Panel provider.

Panel Recruitment Portal

Portal Customization - CSS/Logo

API Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Broadcast Email

Image Library

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Signup/Invitation Options

Unlimited & Extended Profiling

Have panel members signup and take surveys for profiling. Sub-Panels/Selects can be done by segmenting the data from any of the profiling surveys.

Email Invite Users

Invite users to the panel / surveys via email.

Double Opt/In Verification

Enable Double Opt-In verification for enhanced reliability of email invitation delivery.

Recruitment Surveys

Assign recruitment surveys for profiling.


Points for Joining

Allocate points for joining the portal.

Points for Surveys

Assign points for surveys.

Points for Referrals

Points for referring users. Learn More »

User Management

Customizable Panel Member Profile Field

Customize/Add/Edit fields for member profiling.

Panel Member Profile Analytics

Profile field analytics and data reports.

Export Users

Export user data in MS Excel format.

Import Users

Import panel member data in to the system.

User Search/Filter

Search/Filter panel members.

Bulk update user status

Bulk update user status (New, Verified, Unsubscribed, Blocked, Pending Moderator Approval, etc.) Learn More »


Signup / Dropout Trend

Signup and Dropout Trend Report for Panel.

Domain Report

Domain report to give insight in to panel members email profile.

User Report

Detailed reports about users.

Global Activity Stream

Latest updates of recent user activity.

Survey/Research Projects

Survey Email Invitations

Send out email invitations for surveys.

Survey Tracking/Analytics

Survey Tracking for completes, opt-outs, terminated, etc and points allocation based on survey status.

Project History

Detailed history of all projects, invitations, etc.

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