Panel Member Profile | New Profile Field / Custom Field

What is a Panel Member Profile? How to add Custom Profile Field?

Panel Member Profile is the collection of all data points for the panel member. Member profiling can help you reach out more effectively. You can add custom profile fields. Go To:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Communities »  (Select Community) »  Member Profile

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What field types are available?

Following field types are available:

Multiple Choice - Single Select

Multiple Choice - Multiple select

Date Type

Large Text/Description

Single Line Text Box


US ZipCode

CA ZipCode

ZipCode + 4

Misc - Voter File ID

Misc - US Mailing Address

Misc - International Mailing Address

US/Canada University

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Scale Library

For Multiple Choice Field type we also provide a Scale Library. You can select the options from the Scale Library.

Yes/No with NA option

Rating Scales


States / Provinces (US and Canada)

Question Library Options

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