Using HTML in the Surveys

Valid HTML can be used almost anywhere in the survey. You can use HTML as part of:

  • Questions or answers.
  • The Header and the Footer of the survey.
  • The Finish Options or on the Thank you page.
  • Email Invitations, the Thank you email notification, or in the Admin Confirmation email.
HTML is an entire language for describing web pages. SurveyAnalytics support staff can and will provide with only a very basic level of support with HTML related questions. Use HTML only if you have an in-depth knowledge of HTML.

Every opened tag requires to be closed by a separate closing tag, except for self closing tags that have a trailing slash (/) within the tag. Please ensure that you're doing this correctly.
Here are a few examples :
  • <font size=1>How useful do you find developer training?</font> The specified font size number decides how big the text appears.
  • <font color="red">How useful do you find developer training?</font> This will apply the Color mentioned in the quotes to the text. You can specify the absolute color name as in the above example or the HEX codes for the colors. For example, the HEX Code for Red is #FF0000.
To get the HEX Code for any color you need:

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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