Respondent Tracking

How to setup survey tracking and track survey respondents to send reminders, follow up surveys and more. Survey Tracking, Respondent Tracking, Tracking URL, Follow up Surveys, Survey Software, Online Surveys, Survey Analytics

Survey Tracking | Tracking Respondents | Respondent Tracking vs. Anonymous surveys

What is survey tracking / respondent tracking?

Respondent / Survey Tracking allows you to co-relate or link individual responses to the respondent. With tracking you can see how a particular respondent answered a survey. Survey tracking also allows you to send reminders, gift vouchers, follow up surveys, etc.

What is a Survey Tracking URL?

Survey Tracking URL allows you to track individual responses by associating the respondents email address to their survey response. By default all email invitations containg the Survey Tracking URL.

How can I set up Survey Tracking?

To set up the Survey invitation go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Send Survey »  Manage Invitations

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Click on the Edit link.

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By default the invitation will include the <SURVEY_LINK> tag. If you have deleted the invitation then you can select this tag from the Insert Survey Link drop menu.
Do not include the actual Survey URL. Only include the <SURVEY_LINK> tag. When sending this tag will be automatically replaced by the proper Survey Tracking URL.

I do not wish to track surveys. I want to keep them anonymous.

For anonymous survey responses use the anonymous survey link tag: <ANONYMOUS_SURVEY_LINK>

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