Folders - Organize Surveys - How to?

Folders can help you manage and organize your surveys efficiently. You can share folders within your organization and also use folders to provide secure access or limit access to surveys within your organization.

How can I create a folder?

You can create folders to store and manage your surveys.

  • Under surveys, My Surveys is your default folder. This folder cannot be renamed or deleted.
  • To add a folder, click on the Add Folder button.
  • Enter a name for your folder and create a new folder.
  • You can create as many folders as you like.
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How can I share a folder?

You can share your folders with other users within your organization.
Click on Share Folder

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On the popup, assign permission and save changes.

How can I rename or delete a folder?

On the folder you wish to rename or delete, click on the More (3 dots) menu.

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To rename, select the rename option. Enter the new name and save.
To delete the folder, select the delete option.
Folder will be deleted permanently (This action cannot be undone!). All surveys within the folder will be moved to the recycle bin. Surveys can be restored to the My Surveys folder.

Can I move surveys between folders?

Yes. Select one or more surveys that you want to move.
Click on the Move option.

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Select the folder where you wish to move the surveys.
Moved surveys will take permissions/access that are assigned to the folder.

Can I rearrange my folders?

Yes. By default, the folders are arranged alphabetically.
To rearrange, click on the sort icon on the My Surveys folder and select one of the following options.

  • A - Z
  • Z - A
  • Latest first
  • Oldest first
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Sort option is available only when there are more than 3 folders.


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