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Responses to a survey can be limited by enabling response quota. For example: If you want 500 responses for your survey then you can set this up in the SurveyAnalytics Survey Tool

How can you limit responses in a survey?

To limit the survey responses, go to:

  • Login » Surveys » Edit » Settings
  • Under Response Quota, enter the number of completed responses you want to capture.
  • If you wish, you can also set a Close Date for the survey.
  • Enter the Inactive Message you would like to display once the survey is closed.
  • Click Save Changes

Once you receive the set number of completed responses, no further responses will be accepted. An inactive survey message will be displayed on the survey once set quota is reached. This message can be edited by clicking on the Inactive Survey Message link.

Note: If you have “Branching” and “Termination” enabled in your survey, the count represents the total number of users who have completed the survey *without* getting terminated, in other words, those who have gone through the last question of the survey.

How can I disable Quota Control?

By default Survey Quota is set to 0. Survey Quota = 0 allows unlimited responses to the survey. If you have enabled Quota Control and later on wish to remove it, update the Survey Quota value to 0.


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