Import External Data Into Existing Survey

To import External Data Into Existing Survey:

Go To: My Surveys (Select Survey) » Analytics » Manage Data » Import

Click on Download Import Template to download the template.

Fill data in the downloaded template file with proper format as per suggestion given in the template columns for individual questions and save it.

Select the saved template file and click Import button.

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Can I import data to an existing survey?

Yes. You can import data to an existing survey.

Can I edit the survey once I have imported data?

Yes. You can edit the survey, change the text for questions and answers. However, we recommend that you don't make any structural changes. If you make structural changes the data may get affected.

I have imported data. I need to upload more responses/data to the same survey.

You just need to download template excel sheet and fill the responses in proper format and import it.

Which are the supported question types?

Below is the list of supported question types to "Import External Data Into Existing Survey"

  • Multiple Choice: Select One, Select Many, Drop Down Menu
  • Text: Comment Box, Single Row Text, Numeric Input, Email Address, Contact Information
  • Graphical Rating: Star rating, Text Slider, Numeric Slider, Thumbs UP/Down, Smiley-Rating
  • Matrix Table: Multi-Point Scales, Checkbox/Multi-Select, Spreadsheet, Side-By-Side Matrix
  • Misc: Date/Time, Calendar
  • Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score
  • Data/Reference: Lookup Table

How many custom variables can I include in the import template?

By default we have provided 20 custom variables in the template file. If you need to add more variables please contact our support team.

License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Enterprise Edition

Unlimited Surveys, Questions

Advanced Toolset and Features

No Long Term Commitment

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