Deleting Email Lists

How do I delete email lists?

Go to: Surveys >> Send >> Lists

Here you will find all the emails lists that you ever created. At the right side you will find a “x” sign. To delete an email list click on the cross sign beside it and delete the email list.

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Note: You can delete an email list only after 30 days of it’s send out.

Will it affect my results / data?

Yes, it will affect your response collection. Once you delete the email list you sent the invitation to, the tracked links that have been sent will become “Invalid”, and will not work anymore.

In that case the respondent will not be able to take the survey, once the associated email list is deleted.

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Note: This will be the case if Tracked links are used.

What will happen if I use anonymous link?

If you use an anonymous link, and then delete the email list associated to it, the survey will still work for the respondents.

As anonymous links do not pass back any details, it does not affect any settings. And therefore deleting email lists do not affect your data collection.

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