Features Included with the Corporate License

In addition to the basic complete feature set available with all licenses, the following additional tools are available with the Corporate license:

  • Advanced Question Types
    • Side-By-Side Matrix Question Type: For Analyzing multiple attributes on similar scale.
    • Dynamic Lookup Tables Question Type: Tree Structure for questions.
    • Randomizer Question Type: Randomize questions to overcome order bias.
    • Reference Data Question Type: Validate data in real-time
    • Attach/Upload File Question Type: Allow users to upload / attach important files to their responses.
  • Advanced Logic and Survey Development Tools
    • Extraction: Dynamically generate questions based on prior responses.
    • Piping Text to Multiple Pages: Carry text from earlier question / selection to subsequent questions.
    • Looping integrated with Piping text: Loop through a group of questions multiple times for each option selected on a prior question.
    • Compound Branching: Branching / logic based on selection to multiple questions.
    • Delayed Branching: Delayed Branching Logic based on responses to questions much earlier in the survey.
    • Show / Hide Questions based on criteria
    • Dynamic Explode Text Box: Display Text input boxes automatically based on respondents selection.
    • Survey Chaining: Take users to different Surveys based on their response.
    • Save and Continue: Enable respondents to Save and Continue a survey. Useful feature for lengthy surveys
    • Custom Themes / CSS: Design Surveys to match your companies look and feel
    • Multilingual Support: Design Surveys along with validation prompts in any language of your choice.
    • Action Alerts: Get automated emails based on pre-defined criteria.
  • Advanced Survey Distribution Tools
    • Custom Variables: Pass in additional variables to survey responses.
    • External Panel Integration
    • Popup Surveys
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
    • Grouping / Segmentation: Group your reports based on Respondent Selection / Custom Variables or Time
    • Banner Reports: Segregate Responses along with charts.
    • Trend Analysis: Create comparitive Reports based on time trend.
    • Customizable Online Reports: Create customized and branded reports that can be shared online.
    • Spotlight Report: Display an individual's report overlayed with the overall reporting
    • Customized Mean Calculation: Update how the system calculates Mean. Inverse scaling and weighting.
    • Industry Scoring Models
      • Top Box Scoring Top Box / Bottom Box Scoring. Automatic calculation of margin of error.
      • Net Promoter/Loyalty Scoring Model NPS (Promoter - Detractors) Automatically calculate your NPS
    • Export Data to:
      • Powerpoint
      • SPSS (.sav file)
    • Report / Data Scheduler: Get automated scheduled reports via Email / FTP.
    • GAP Analysis for Side-by-Side Matrix type questions.

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