Using the branch randomizer

Suppose you have a Multiple Choice Multiple Select type question in the survey and you have set up branching for each selection to different parts of the survey. To avoide order bias, you can randomize this branching logic using the Branching Randomizer option.

Can the Branching options be limited?

Yes. Suppose you have 10 selection options for a multiple select type question and you are branching each selection to different parts of the Survey, it will be very tideous and lengthy to answer each branch option. In such cases you can limit the number of branching options so only 3 out of 10 branching logics will be executed randomly.

How to set up Branching Randomizer?

Note: First you need to set up Branching/Skip Logic for the Multiple Choice Multiple Select type question.

Steps for setting up Branching Randomizer:
  • Login »  Surveys »  Edit »   Question's Logic icon
  • Select the Branching Randomizer option from the Logic options:
  • Select the number of branching choices for execution and click on Add / Update Logic.
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Branching Randomizer is available for which Question Types?

Branching Randomizer tool is available only for Multiple Choice Multiple Select (Check Boxes) type questions.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Corporate Edition and above- Buy Now - $75/Month

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