Add / Delete Questions - How to?

How do I add questions to a survey

Once you create a survey, click on the Add Question button on the screen.

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Select the question type from either Basic, Advanced, or the Library option. You will see the preview of the question type in the right pane.
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The question will be added to the survey and you can add/update the question text and answer option text.
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How do I delete questions from a survey?

For each question, either if it is the active question or on hover, you will see the delete icon near the bottom right corner. Click on the delete icon to delete the question. On the popup, click on Delete Question to delete the question permanently.

  • Delete action permanently deletes the question and all associated data. Please double check before deleting questions with data.
  • If you delete a question and you have set up branching/logic based on the question, branching/logic WILL_NOT_WORK after you delete the question.
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Don't show this again: If you wish to delete multiple questions, you can enable this option and the popup will not be shown when deleting. With great power comes great responsibility. Please use this option carefully. When this option is enabled, questions will be directly deleted without confirmation. This action cannot be undone. If there are more than 10 responses for the survey, this option is disabled and the confirmation popup will be shown each time when you delete the question.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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